Patient Vault was born as a solution to two main problem that we as patients currently experience. The first which is that all our data is spread across a variety of personal health record systems and the second that communicating with our providers and their systems could be easier.

The first one is constantly happening because as we visit new providers and hospitals, each one has a different personal health record, which in turns means a new site, a new username and possibly a new password that we need to keep track of. There is no central place where all this data can be accessed, and more importantly that we as patient’s control, not our providers.

The second one, provider communication, is there because we as patients would like to just open up an app and send a message, take a picture of our latest lab results and attach it, have it be secure, and encrypted. Right there ask if we can change our appointment and receive an instant message once the provider responds, that’s how we would like to be able to communicate with our providers and that’s what Patient Vault accomplishes.