This release was dedicated to provide more features for linked accounts, and redesign our Patient Vault applications. For more details about this release, visit Patient Vault Releases.


New Features

Patient Vault

  • Patient CCDA documents have a new design for better reading. You can view and download these documents from your activities
  • Emails will now provide your username when you receive a Reset Password email

Patient Vault Portal

  • You can now see and manage your linked accounts from your profile
  • Linked Account user logs will now be shown in your Audit Log section
  • Now you can view, and send messages from your linked account conversations
  • Your messages will be unencrypted by default when composing an email. You can easily encrypt your messages using Direct Protocol by pressing the Encryption switch
  • Update Patient Vault Portal with new colors and styles. New portal coming soon!

Accessible Client

  • Update Patient Vault Accessible Client with new colors and styles

Patient Vault Mobile App (2.0.1)

  • The mobile app now has a brand new design, providing a more user friendly interface
  • You can read the latest Health Information Exchange articles on the Home Screen
  • Allow users to filter their records


Bug Fixes

Patient Vault Mobile App (2.0.1)

  • Users can now decline connection invitations
  • Fix multiple crashes
  • Change language instantly without having to close the application
  • Fix the “Remember Me” feature in the Log In screen

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