Frequently Asked Questions

  October 23, 2014

What is Patient Vault?

Patient Vault is a patient portal application that allows you to receive your medical records from all the different doctors that treat your health.

Where is my data stored?

We store your data on encrypted database on our Cloud infrastructure.

What is the Audit Log?

The audit log records any activity that happens on your account related to your health information.

Who can see my audit log?

Only you can see your audit log.

Who can see my profile?

Your profile can be seen by other users only if you make it visible. To make yourself invisible to others, edit your profile and change this setting.

How can I receive invitations?

Invitations will be visible to you on the Invitations menu item, if you are visible other users can send you an invitation to connect on Patient Vault.

What information will I receive from my doctors?

You will be able to receive any data that exists on the doctor’s system, including your complete medical record, documents related to your health among other things.

How can I share information on Patient Vault?

You must first make a connection with the person who you want to share with, you can do this by going to the directory and searching for the person or obtaining their Invitation Code. Once connected you can put the person in a group and share your health data with members of that group, such as Family.

How secure is Patient Vault?

Patient Vault takes your security and privacy very seriously. We not only encrypt your data in transit (using the HTTPS protocol) but we also encrypt your data at rest, so that we never store your health data or your documents in an unencrypted form. We use multiple encryption keys which are different for every field in our database, making it very hard to perform brute-force attacks on our systems. Additionally you always have control of the whole process, you can at any time remove access to a doctor or system, see what information has been downloaded or transmitted and control the flow of information. We will also never, ever, under any condition provide your health information to others without your consent.

Who can use Patient Vault?

Patient Vault is open to any patient or doctor who wants to use the system for the sharing of health information. Patient Vault is also open to developers, providing an open royalty-free SDK to any developer who wants to connect their apps to Patient Vault.

What else can I use Patient Vault for?

Aside from allowing you to view your medical records, you can also perform real-time communication with your doctor, right from the Patient Vault app, this includes allowing you to send attachments to your doctor such as your latest lab results in a secure encrypted way.

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