Patient Vault allows you to connect instantly with your doctors

See what they posted on your record, chat with them or their staff, exchange documents, such as your medical certificate or your payment receipts, and much more, all while keeping your data encrypted and secured.

Your health, connected.

Connect and share with your patients in a secure HIPPAA compliant way. Engage your patients and drive up patient loyalty. Avoid no shows by maintaining constant communication and coordination. Never use email again with patients, send any document, any time to a patient and receive documents from them instantly, with the click of a button.


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Benefits for Patients

  • Secure from the server to your phone, every message and document is encrypted.
  • It’s mobile! Use anywhere anytime, on your phone, on your tablet, on your computer.
  • Bilingual, choose your language and go.
  • Manage all of your family’s health records in a single app.
  • Easily share with your family; just tap ‘share’ and go.
  • It’s faster to send a message than to call, send your doctor a message and get notified instantly when they receive it.
  • Did you forget to pick up your results? No problem, tell your doctor to send them to you thru a Patient Vault’s conversation.
  • Never lose your health documents, Patient Vault stores them for you.

Benefits for Providers

  • Secure and HIPAA compliant
  • No need to get out of your EHR, we integrate for free for you.
  • Free to use, forever.
  • Stay connected to your patients, send them a message, respond to them and create loyalty.
  • Send any document, any time to a patient, receive documents from them.
  • Meet Meaningful Use Stage 2 objectives.

Benefits for Developers

  • Easy to implement REST API allows you to integrate into your system in weeks.
  • We test it, you enjoy it; we use the API on our own EHR before giving it to you so all bugs are on us.
  • Free to implement, free to use, free for your providers and free for patients.
  • Give your providers new functionality without the cost of developing them yourself.
  • Easy to follow documentation

Integrated Hospitals

Your health, connected.